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The Field and Forest Handy Book - D.C. Beard

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Daniel C. Beard 's great passion was making boys and girls feel at home in nature, to allow them to experience its wonders while fostering their sense of self-sufficiency and independence. First published in 1906, this book introduces young people to the pleasures & challenges of camping. In it, Beard suggests any number of projects, plans, and schemes to entertain those whose travels take them into the open fields and forests, who want to know everything from how to build kites and birdhouses to snow houses and snow men. There are chapters on packing a horse, on making clothes and moccasins, on camp cooking, on building piers, boats, and sleds. With this book in hand, you can send children into the smallest woodland plot and be sure they'll have an activity that will occupy them for hours, as well as projects that are not only fun to do but that actually work! 428 pages, Trade Paper