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Lands of Promise and Despair: Chronicles of early California, 1535 - 1846 - Edited by Rose Marie Beebe and Robert M. Senkewicz

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A collection of reminiscences, reports, letters, and documents mostly bv residents of early California, providing a unique opportunity to experience the vast and varied landscape of early California - from Cabo San Lucas to Northern California - from the viewpoint of the people who made their homes in it. What emerges is not the Spanish California depicted by casual visitors - a lazy, backwards culture obsessed with finery, horses, and fandangos - but an ever-shifting world of aspiration and tragedy, pride and loss. Conflicts between missionaries and soldiers, Indians and settlers, friends and neighbors spill out of the pages, bringing the ferment of daily life into sharp focus. The result is a vital, readable, and authoritative history of a California that has long been hidden by romantic fantasy and wishful thinking. 506 pages, Trade Paper